FLEX – C 2

High Performance Cementitious Tile Adhesive with Extended Open Time For All Types of Tiles Specially Fully Vitrified Large Format Tiles For Walls and Floors In Interiors and Exteriors. Specially For Use on Facades. FLEX-C2 Exceeds Standard Requirements i.e. EN-12004 and is Classified as C2TE. 

FLEX-C2 is suitable on all types of masonry substrates such as sands/cement render, precast concrete, gypsum etc. and exceeds standard requirements i.e. EN-12004 and is classified as C2TE. 

  • For all type of masonry substrates such as sand/cement render, precast concrete, gypsum board, sound painted
    walls, where an extended open time is required.
  • For installation of ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • Over Tiles. Tile on Tile application.
  • For residential, commercial and industrial purpose, swimming-pools, facades, bathrooms, balconies, terraces and
    parking areas.
  • Single component – just mix with water.
  • Available in white color.
  • Easy to use — thixotropic.
  • Very good tensile adhesion strength.
  • Extended open time.
  • Suitable for low porosity tiles.
  • For indoor & outdoor floors/walls tiling.
  • Excellent adhesion to all substrates.
  • Thin-bed fixing: 3 – 4 kg/m² (Smooth surface using notched trowel)
  • Solid-bed fixing: 6 – 8 kg/m² (Smooth surface using notched trowel)

The substrate should be sound, clean, free from loose material, grease, dirt or any other substance that might impair bond quality with the substrate. Concrete, hollow blocks, and cement-based substrates must be sufficiently cured. The surface should appear damp with no water pooling. Gypsum boards, plasterboards, anhydrite screeds must be sufficiently dry and free from dust.


Mix 20kg FLEX C2 with 5-6 liters of clean cool water (3:1 ratio) until a smooth, lump-free paste is obtained. Leave the paste to rest approximately 5 minutes before starting the application.

Technical Data
Product NameTypical Values
AppearanceWhite or grey
Application Thickness2 to 8 mm
Pot Life60 mins
Mixing ratio30 parts water for every 100 parts of tile adhesive.
Open time≥ 30mins
Adjustability timeApprox. 30mins
EN 12004 ClassificationC2TE


Apply the tile adhesive to the substrate using a notched trowel. Choose a trowel that gives the correct coverage to the
tile. To achieve good adhesion, spread an initial thin layer of adhesive on the substrate using the flat side of the trowel.
Comb the adhesive with a suitable notched trowel horizontally to achieve a 2 – 6 mm bed thickness. Spread the mortar
adhesive to a manageable area that can be tiled within 5-10 minutes. Press the tiles firmly over the mortar adhesive and
immediately knock them into the desired position. Adjust the position of the tiles, if required, within its adjustability time
after installation.
Use the back buttering method for large format tile applications. Apply and comb the adhesive on the surface to be tiled.
Also, add the adhesive to the backside of the tile with/without combing.

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Use the back buttering method for large format tile applications. Apply and comb the adhesive on the surface to be tiled. Also, add the adhesive to the backside of the tile with/without combing.


FLEX C-2 is available in 20kg bags.

Storage and Shelf Life

FLEX C-2 may be stored for up to 12 months in its original packaging in a dry shaded place.


This product contains Portland cement which is slightly alkaline when wet. For people with sensitive skin, continuous use
may cause irritation. Gloves or a suitable barrier cream should be used. As a general Code of safety practice all
chemical products should be treated with care, kept away from children and animals, especially protect eyes and skin.
In emergency seek medical advice.


FLEX C – 2 is a blend of Portland cement, quartz sand, reinforced with polymer content & optimizing additives, for thin / thick bed performance.