Fine, Water Resistant, Polymer Modified, Cement based Non Shrink Grout. Suitable for Grouting all types of Tiles, Swimming Pool Tiles, Decorative Stones, and marbles.

Polymer modified, cement based high quality component, thin or thick bed wall and floor tile adhesive for interiors and exteriors.

SEA STAR TILE GROUT (UNSANDED) is a fine, colored powder which, when mixed with water gives a smooth, easily applied creamy paste for clean grouting of tiles. It sets a decorative water resistant finish.

SEA STAR TILE GROUT (UNSANDED) is resistant to cracking in joint upto 3-5mm wide in the hardened state.

  • Mix SEA STAR GROUT (Unsanded) with clean water at the rate of 3:1 by volume (this ratio may vary according to climate conditions)
    Leave to stand for 10 minutes then stir.
  • Don’t add excessive water in the mixture, this weakens the grout and makes it much more porous.
  • Grout should have consistency of tooth paste when mixed.

Grout coverage vary with the tile size and joint width.

  • Grouting should not start before the tile adhesive has dried out completely.


  • The SEA STAR GROUT (Unsanded) should apply with a smooth face grout float into the joints and press it firmly to ensure that the joints are fill completely.
  • Remove surplus grout with a damp sponge.
  • When grouting is completed, clean tiles with dry cloth.

Available in 1kg and 5kg bags. 

Shelf Life and Storage

12 months if stored in a dry place in unopened packaging


SEA STAR TILE GROUT (UNSANDED) is a blend of cement, hydrophobic polymer contents, cement fillers, additives and metal oxide color pigments to make it in a variety of colors.