Tile Leveling System

Professional Leveling System for Titles, Simplify Tile Installation, Eliminate Lipage

SEA STAR TILE LEVELING SYSTEM is a two component (CLIPS & WEDGES) system that eliminates “LIPPAGE” by flattening adjoining tiles making them level across grout lines. TILE LEVELERS are made from flexible material for ease in placing and adjusting tiles. The easy way to achieve a more professional tiling finish. 

Holds tiles in place and eliminates movement due to conditions like “slumping” of tiles on floors (or walls) that occur during installation while setting materials dry.

Speeds installation and extends setting material coverage and does not contribute to voids or hollow spots under tiles when proper troweling techniques are used.

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How To Use Sea Star Tile Leveling System

  • Solid-bed fixing is recommended for wet conditions, Terrazzo and Marble flooring tiles and vertical heavy duty applications including decorative Stone cladding. But unlike the application of ordinary tiles, apply to the cladding itself and not to the substrate. For best results, allow no more then 35 kilos weight of stone cladding (of average thickness 10mm) per square meter.
  • Fix tiles (which should be dry) by pressing into place. Beginning at the bottom in the case of wall tiles and at center markings in the case of floor and pool tiles.
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Usage Instructions

Slide clips under the tile into the wet setting material mortar approximately 2” from corners; clips location may vary by tile size.

Place the next tile on top of and against clip of the installed tile.
Side the reusable leveling wedges into the clip pushing it tight to align and level adjoining tiles.

Once setting materials are cured either kick or strike the clip/wedge unit with a rubber mallet in the same direction of the grout joint to break clip off below the tile surface.
Sweep all lose clip remains and collect all reusable wedges for the next job. 


Both the clips / wedges are available in separate bags, containing 50 pieces per bag. 

  • Flexible, easy to use.
  • Specially designed break-off points on clips for swift removal.
  • High-visibility colored wedges are easy to distinguish on the job site.
  • May be combined with regular TILE SPACERS.
  • Wedges are reusable.
  • Very easy to learn and use at any skill level Great to use with tiles of varied thickness.
  • Requires minimal effort to install and remove.
  • Eliminate lippage.
  • Prevents tile from moving during the installation Speeds up installations