Tile Adhesives

When laying tiles the most vulnerable point is always the bond between the tile and substrate. Sea Star eliminate this weakness by significantly improving the performance and bonding strength in tile adhesives. 

Tile Grouts

With strong hydrophobic effect Sea Star Grouts gives protection against penetration of water and reduce shrinkage.


WPM (waterproofing membranes) modified with polymer powders need to be only few millimeters thick to be superior to cement only. Our WPM are long-lasting, highly-flexible with very good crack-bridging properties.

Dry Mix / Repair Mortars

For concrete & plaster renovation, mortars modified with polymer powders improves work-ability and durability to meet the growing demand. 

Concrete & Mortar Additives

Additives added to concrete mix or any mortar change many different properties including its work-ability, strength, flexibility, resistance to abrasion and many more factors.

Tile Installation Tools

Simplify tiles laying and gives smooth and perfect finish to your surface. Ensures flatness between tiles and increase the efficiency of laying tiles.

Products for Cleaning

Safe & versatile all purpose cleaner. Cleans all type of floor & wall surfaces effectively.